Security analytics for insight into your most critical threats.

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Gain comprehensive visibility into enterprise data across on-premises and cloud-based environments from behind a single pane of glass. 

Automate intelligence

Detect known and unknown threats, go beyond individual alerts to identify and prioritize potential incidents, and apply AI to accelerate investigation processes by 50%. 

Become proactive 

Gain closed-loop feedback to continuously improve detection, and use the time savings from automated security intelligence to proactively hunt threats and automate containment processes. 

MY 360° Defense

Get Easy and Fast Protection Against All Threats.
Our industry-leading solutions break down business and security silos so you can take control of the risks that stem from digital transformation.


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Why Choose EMY-Security ?

EMY-Security is a global company making vital cybersecurity products easily accessible to organizations of any size. These include organizations such as TransferWise, Telefonica, Action for Children, and top global law firms.

Using the power of the EMY-Security platform we focus on the speed and power of automation, rather than the knowledge of consultants, providing our customers with an evolving suite of ready to go cybersecurity products.

Power Today's Evolving Workforce of People and Bots
Drive Real-Time Insights to Assist the Workforce
Empower the Organization with an Open Platform
Connect Work across the Enterprise
Ensure Compliance and Fight Fraud
Drive Real Business Outcomes That Matter 
Ready to fully collaboration ?

Approve the Avanan app in one click and start blocking phishing, malware, and other advanced threats that have evaded existing security.


Incident Response and Cyber Defense Services

Stay a step ahead of cyber threats.
The Incident Response and Cyber Defense Practice can help ensure you’re ready to identify cyber threats fast and to defend against them on an ongoing basis.

Our team enables your organization to reduce business risk and improve overall security posture by identifying, mitigating and eradicating threats, advancing risk management programs and fulfilling compliance requirements. 

77% of all internet exposures are carried out by bots

By stopping the bots, you stop the threats. EMY-Security verifies more than 10 trillion interactions per week giving us the most unique signal and accurate bot detection in the industry. By installing a single line of code on your website, we will show you the differences between human and bot traffic patterns impacting your business. 

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